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October 26, 2017

Press Release

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A few minutes with Michael Whitehead leaves you realizing he marches to a different drum.  You don’t really want to leave, and you realize he thinks you’re just as interesting as you think he is!  Michael’s friends, a hodgepodge of solarpreneurs, military vets, business execs, pilots, and English teachers from all around the world, not only represent his vast breadth of experiences, but they also vouch for his genuine love of people, and his role in helping them achieve their ambitions.

Michael is best known in aviation circles for his contribution to aviation safety.  The brainchild of the aviation English training platform, AeroEase, Michael implemented the use of a digital platform to join native-English speaking pilots to pilots who speak another language as their primary language.  Think of it as “Aviation ESL (English as a Second Language) for pilots and student pilots from around the world.” said Michael.  In so doing, a major dilemma in aviation safety and a huge contributor to the pilot shortage has been solved.

Michael said, “It’s an honor to connect audiences who need one another.”  With AeroEase, we have a large pool of underemployed, some retired, some medically disqualified, but nevertheless, highly qualified and experienced pilots who have a lot to offer to the world of aviation even if they’re not flying.   And we have an even larger pool of pilots and student pilots, even some air traffic controllers who struggle with English, the official language of the skies.  We bring them together at AeroEase.com and that’s where the magic happens!”

Michael Whitehead is also known far and wide for his advocacy of rooftop solar.  After leaving the corporate world in 2017, he joined a startup direct sales company in the solar industry and quickly became one of their top sales brokers with tremendous commercial installs and he taught his sales team, Buccaneer Power, to do the same.  Michael attributes much of his success with AeroEase to the personal growth he experienced in direct sales.  “I tell people, nothing grows you like direct sales!” says Michael.

Michael’s friend, BJ said of him, “He’s my friend for life.  I mean we’ve known each other since we were kids, and what amazes me, is he just maps out his future and in a year or two, it’s played out exactly as he describes!  And he does this over and over again.  He lives with no fear.”

In discussions with Michael’s solar advocacy team, Buccaneer Power, Lisa, his very first team member said, “Michael is encouraging and supportive, always leading his team to use the most efficient and effective sales approaches on a consistent basis.  He helps us make success a habit.”    Another team members said of him, “He really is kind of a Buccaneer of sorts.  I mean he knows some non-traditional, innovative ways to achieve the outcomes we desire and he strategizes with each one of us, so the name is very fitting.”

Michael has never allowed constraints of any kind to hold him back.  Husband to Susan for 21 years, his college sweetheart, they have 6 children who have travelled the world with them.  Besides Michael’s stints in Afghanistan as Program Manager for English Language Training to the Afghan Air Force, Michael’s also lived in United Arab Emirates, where he sponsored his entire family.  “It was a unique experience for sure to live among Arab families and experience a culture so foreign to us.”  In addition to the UAE, Michael & his family have travelled and lived long term in Costa Rica, Mexico and throughout western Europe.

Thinking outside the box is the mode for the Whitehead family.  When it comes to education, they homeschooled all of their children, and a bachelor’s degree is not seen as necessary for those who are not fixated on a particular career path.  “Neither family size nor income limits our ability to travel.” says Michael who’s wife coaches families on how to tackle their pre-empty nests’ lists, (places to go and see while the children still reside with them).  “For that matter, I like to teach people not to let anything limit their desires.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Too many people see their education, their income, their health, their family size as some prohibition from accomplishing that which would fulfill them.  It’s a shame.  That’s no way to live.”

And Michael should know.  At 20 years old at The Citadel Military College on an Air Force scholarship, he was told his vision was not good, this would inhibit his becoming a pilot.  He entered the Air Force as a Food Service Officer, not the most esteemed career among the exciting tracks his peers were selected for.  But he took it in stride, and later obtained a private pilot certificate.  In a few years, the pilot demand induced a relaxation of the vision requirement, and Michael became an Air Force C-130 pilot.   “Such is life” says Michael.  “Combine big vision, persistent action and deep faith, and there’s no limit to what you can accomplish!”

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