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January 13, 2018

Week 16 – Kindness, Mental Diet, Masterwhat?

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A fruit of the spirit… “kindness”.  This is our focus for the week.  It’s been nice.  I’ve enjoyed doing a few small, unnoticed favors.  More often however, I’ve been on the receiving end.  A nice note from my wife, smiles from others, an extension of grace here and there.  I like it.

My mental diet is not good this week.  Fear of financial destitution and lack of income dominate my mind.  I try to stay positive, I try to make the sales. I’m looking at new opportunities.  I flash the cards. I feel frozen.  I must not be giving enough of myself.  There’s no value seen in what I have to offer. I’m not presenting it right.  Something is off.  I must change; Improvise, adapt, overcome.

I’m still not getting the Mastermind.  And there’s been emphasis on it this past week.  I’m open, resisting the old blueprint and cynicism, but the Mastermind aspect of this course, and the benefits thereof just aren’t sinking in.

I’m not giving up. I’ll press on. I’ll wait for it to click.

A new opportunity has come up.  It’s not exactly aligned with my Definite Major Purpose, but it’s relevant and has me very excited.   With a slight DMP revision, it could fit right in.  I’m pursuing it



  1. Kindness week has been pretty awesome. 🙂 Keep it up with the mental diet. You’ll get it down eventually as you persist and succeed. I’ve been struggling to understand the mastermind principle as well, especially being an independent type of person that likes to things myself. October Sky had some good examples of what seemed to me to be masterminding. You’re awesome and I’m excited to see your growth as you continue this journey. 🙂

    Comment by Nephi House — January 14, 2018 @ 2:41 am

  2. Hey Michael – would love to chat with you about all of this. It’s been a long time and perhaps I can be of some assistance on the mastermind thing….

    Remember the 7 laws of the mind are not only laws….they are tools. So the Law of Substitution of a tool you can continue to use and with Practice (that’s a law too!!)….you will continually improve and get control of your thoughts.

    One Love, my friend!
    Call me.

    Comment by Lori Enrico — January 28, 2018 @ 1:44 pm

  3. Keep going and be persistent. Use the Law of substitution every time your being challenged. I myself and under strange financial challenges BUT I know and trust that I have always come out stronger on the other side. Have Faith and Trust – which I know you will have.

    Comment by Naila Din — January 31, 2018 @ 6:08 pm

  4. I read this post a few days ago and think it might be of interest to you to…..

    From Manifestation Babe (https://www.facebook.com/manifestationbabe/?hc_ref=ARSdcGDvMbtIV6R3Kof5LNgGQI0LWGxkwUxpwMzK-pKDG9Mpvlv6wZMqcO0EWvHnejY&fref=nf&pnref=story)

    The amount of obstacles, challenges, frustrations, and delays I have run into just over the past MONTH would make the old me want to throw in the towel on my business and go back to “reality.”

    But what’s the truth about going back to “reality?”

    What amazing things come out of believing that you were meant to just be average and live a mediocre life?

    Most people quit 5 minutes before the miracle.
    Most people think that delays are denials and if things aren’t working out for the moment, then well, “they’re ultimately not meant to be.”
    Most people don’t go through and GROW through the hard shit.
    Most people are willing to believe that challenges are a really bad sign, when in fact…

    If you are on a path that is currently filled with challenges, frustrations, delays, and failures…


    Things always seem to fall apart RIGHT before they come back together and deliver exactly what you asked for.

    The Universe does this thing where it clears up space.

    Just like you need to clear up physical space for something brand new to enter your life,
    You must do the same on an energetic level.

    And just because you don’t see what the Universe is doing behind the scenes,
    Doesn’t mean that nothing is happening at all.

    EVERYTHING is happening FOR you, not TO you.

    Live that shit.

    It will always serve you well.

    Comment by Naila Din — February 10, 2018 @ 5:44 pm

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